Academic Staff and Faculty

Recruitment Policy

  • The School of Public Health has a projected staff establishment between the period 2016 to 2020. As the BSc Environmental health ¬†programme matures, the staff in the various disciplines will be recruited in a sequential manner.
  • MKU ensures that all employees are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills and experience as outlined in the procedure manual.
  • MKU is committed to the implementation of a comprehensive human resource and industrial relations policy as outlined in the MKU quality procedure manual.
  • The School of Public health intends to review its staffing levels on yearly basis.
  • The school proposes to improve staff recruitment to meet its mission and objectives through strict adherence to the staffing matrix as per the projected growth of the school in areas of specialized disciplines and through targeted recruitments.
  • Recruitment in the school will emphasize on other talents besides academic qualifications such as area of specialization, research experience, clinical practice, publications and teaching experience.
  • A list of staff currently in position and their qualifications attached (Annex 3).

Staff Policy and Development

  • The School of Public Health will ensure that teaching, research and service contributions will ensure issuance of certificates of excellence, performance recognition in the university newsletter.
  • Additional Institutional policies include; The Innovation Policy and the Intellectual Property Policy.
  • Staff development programs to enable teachers to upgrade their skills and appraise their teaching performance include; Pedagogy training and capacity building through short courses, conferences, fellowships and post-graduate trainings.
  • Staff participation in staff development is encouraged through scholarships and study leave.
  • The School of Public Health has a staff establishment matrix that ensures staff establishment is in line with increasing number of students.
  • MKU will seek representation in the various committees of the professional bodies.