Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the trainee should be able to do the following:

  1. To carry out First Aid effectively and efficiently.
  2. To carry out community health education.
  3. To participate in Community Health and Development projects in the community.
  4. To help in vector control activities in the community to break the disease transmission routes.
  5. To carry out comprehensive counselling.
  6. To participate in immunization programmes.
  7. To provide and promote home based care in the community.
  8. To assist in the organization and the running of the HIV/AIDS prevention and control programmes.
  9. To promote proper housing which should include: proper construction, ventilation and lighting.
  10. To advise the community on safe/hygienic handling of excreta
  11. To participate in proper waste management.
  12. To promote good nutrition and to advice the community on the importance of food security.
  13. To mobilize and organize use of community resources in health care.
  14. To be involved in the promotion of MCH/FP activities in the community.


  1. Health education in the community (at homesteads, community centers, baraza, school etc).
  2. Carry out school health programmes
  3. Promote proper hosing
  4. Advice the community on hygienic and proper excreta disposal
  5. Promote safe water supply including well protection, and water treatment
  6. Advice the community on safe waste disposal
  7. Advice the community on the proper utilization of locally available food stuffs to promote proper nutrition
  8. Counsel and rehabilitate communities and individuals on social problems affecting them
  9. Detect and report on disease targeted for surveillance (elimination and eradication)

Assist community health and development technical officers in their roles and functions.