Rationale of the programme

Needs assessment / market survey / situation analysis

The Diploma in Food Science and Processing Technology focuses on Food Science and Food Processing Technology as well as an integration of the two disciplines. These are the areas of major concern to the consumer, government, Non-Governmental Organizations and the food industry. It is designed to meet the increasing demand for food processing technologists who have a thorough knowledge of Food Science. This diploma programme is aimed at producing graduates with thorough knowledge in all aspects of Food Science and Technology including food chemistry, food microbiology, food engineering, food quality assurance, food processing and preservation, food analysis, food biotechnology, food product development and marketing, food industry management, food and nutrition security, and research techniques in food science and food processing technology.

Goal of the programme

The goal of this course is to equip/provide appropriate in depth of knowledge and skills in subjects related to the food industry for the graduates of diploma in Food Science and processing Technology.

Objectives of the programme

The diploma in food science and processing technology also aims at providing the students with practical skills, knowledge and attitudes so that they are able to operate the principle types of food processing machinery, to carry out duties of a first line supervisor in the food processing    industry; carry out routine quality control and analysis of foods and participate positively in rural development of the food industry through self-employment and to qualify for further education to BSC. In Food science and processing technology/or BSC in Food science and technology in other institutions of higher running and participate also in other man power development programmes. Emphasis will also be laid on practical training and students will carry out an elaborate special project on any food commodity.

Expected learning outcomes of the proposed programme

Upon completion of the prescribed course of study the graduates shall have acquired knowledge, skills, competencies and attitude to be able to: –

  • Offer and demonstrate leadership and professionalism in Food science and processing technology research and training
  • Play an effective role in the development and expansion of opportunities for career progression in Food science and processing technology
  • Apply innovative and entrepreneurial skills in Food science and processing technology for sustainable development.