Dr. Dominic M. Mogere, PhD, MCHD, BSc.CHD

Dr. Dominic Mogere   is a Senior Lecturer and holder of PhD, Master and Bachelor degrees in Community Health and Development with eleven years of university teaching experience and co-investigator in a Postdoctoral Research Training fellowship Programme with University of Ottawa, Canada. His research interests are in the areas of Control and Prevention of Communicable and non-Communicable Diseases, Health Systems Research and Community Based Interventions. He supervises several postgraduate students where others have successfully completed their programmes.

Published papers

(i) https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Dominic_Mogere/-Research gate

( ii) https://www.valueinhealthjournal.com/

(iii) Annals of African Medical Research. https://doi.org/10.4081/aamr.2018.5.

(iv) International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research( IJSBAR)

Book authored https://www.bookdepository.com/Means-Transportation-for-Expectant-Women-Seeking-Obstetric-Care-Dominic-M-Mogere/978384734369 .

Innovation and models development https://www.google.com/search?q=Dominic+mogere+referral+and+counter+referral+model&rlz=1C1GCEU_enKE831KE831&oq=Dominic+mogere+referral+and+counter+referral+model&aqs ( Referral and Counter referral model)

Community Service and collaborations

(i) International Society for pharmaco-economics and Outcomes Researcah – https://www.ispor.org

(ii). https:www.ispor.org-member-groups/global/regional/chapters/Kenya

(iii ) https:www.ispor.org-member-groups/networks/Africa-network)) Community Health Research and Consultancy International ( CHRCI) organization  –Members and partners in WHO African Region.

Peer Reviewer

  1. http://www.journalissues.org:Research Journal of Public and Environmental Health ( IRJPEH)
  2. https://www.ispor.org/conferences-education conferences /ISPOR Latin America ,2019, Bogota ,Colombia 12-14 Sept.
  3.  http://www.africaherald.org/:Africa Herald Publishing House  http://www.journaissues.org.ISR; The Journal of International Scientific

Memberships to professional bodies:

  1. International Society for Pharmaco-Economics and outcomes Research (ISPOR)
  2. https://www.who.int/workforcealliance/members_partners/afro/en/

Editorial advisorhttp://www.aamroline.org: Annals of African Medical Research (Journal of Medical Sciences)


  1. Travel scholarship award to present paper in 20TH ISPOR Scientific Meeting, Philadelphia, USA- 16Th -20Th May 2015
  2. Travel scholarship award to present paper in MILAN, ITALY ISPOR Scientific conference 7-12th November 2015
  3. Scholarship award to attend Health Systems Management Programme Galilee International Institute, Israel.-21st May- 3rd June 2019.

Recent Research/scholarship grants attracted:

  1. Mount Kenya University Foundation – Research Grant-2018
  2. German Academic Exchange Service; DAAD In-country/In-region scholarship-2019.

Scientific summit meetings: 8th Annual EASST Summit: July 22-23, 2019; Nairobi, Kenya organized by CEGA in collaboration with University of California.

ERC Reviewer: Been member of Ethical Review Committee ( GLUK)

Scientific Conference presentations

  1. Dominic Mogere, Lisa Merry, Dan Odindo, Nancy Edwards ( 2018) :Transnational family support: Perspectives from family members back home; A feasibility and pilot study. 1st International Public Health  Conference Organized by African Institute of Public Health Professionals –AIPHP in m collaboration with School of Public Health, Mount Kenya University. 23rd – 25th October 2018 ;  Mount Kenya University, Thika Campus.
  2. M. Mogere, C.S. Loum, D. Kaseje : Most common sicknesses identified by community health workers for referral to primary health care facilities for care.17Th European Annual Congress,8-12Th November 2014 , Amsterdam ,The Netherlands.
  3. Mogere D. M, Loum CS ,Kaseje D :What is the patients’ median delay from the referring community health worker to arrival in the health facility? ;17Th European Annual Congress,8-12Th November 2014, Amsterdam ,The Netherlands
  4. Mogere D. M, Loum CS, Kaseje D:Determination of Referral Utilization Rate: Linking Households to Health Care System; Kenyan rural setting.17Th European Annual Congress,8-12Th November 2014, Amsterdam ,The Netherlands
  5. Mogere D. M, Loum CS, Kaseje D: What is the Proportion of Patients Who Return Counter Referral Slips to The Original Referral Service for Confirmation of Arrival to the Hospital?; 17Th European Annual Congress,8-12Th November 2014, Amsterdam ,The Netherlands
  6. Mogere DM :Availability, affordability and utilization of Hospital Ambulance services among pregnant women travelling to hospital for Obstetric care: Case of Sio Port, Khunyangu, Bumala B and Nangina Hospitals, Western Kenya: 8th TICH Annual Scientific Conference, 29th April-1st May 2011. Garang Hall, Kisumu, Kenya.
  7. Mogere DM: Community Based Referral and counter referral and counter referral system as Strategy for scaling up ANC, PNC and hospital delivery: case study of Nyamira North and South districts. TICH Annual Scientific Conference 29th April -1st May 2011.Garang Hall Kisumu, Kenya.
  8. Mogere DM :Scaling Up PMTCT service utilization among pregnant through community strategy in Nyamira Districts. 8th TICH Annual Scientific Conference 29th-April-1st May 2011, Garang Hall Kisumu,Kenya.
  9. Mogere D, Kaseje D, Otieno A, Nyanga N, Geteri L, Abuki A and Okeyo S. A Systematic Literature review on community based referral system as strategy for scaling up antenatal  services: case sttudy of Nyamira,Manga,Borabu and Masaba districts, Nyanza province , Kenya. 8Th TICH Annual Scientific Confrence . Innovations in Health Systems Strenghtening  29Th April –2nd May 2011.
  10. Mogere Dominic M, Loum S Constantine & Kaseje Dan: Referral recommendations made by community health workers on the ‘patients’ referral slips. Bridging households to sustainable healthcare; Kenyan experience. ISPOR 20Th Annual International Meeting, May 16-20Th, 2015; Philadelphia Marriot Downtown Philadelphia, PA USA.
  11. Mogere Dominic M, Geteri L M , Njeru Samuel: Increasing households’ access to healthcare; linking clinicians to community health workers through counter referral comments. ISPOR 20Th Annual International Meeting, May 16-20Th,2015; Philadelphia Marriot Downtown Philadelphia, PA USA.
  12. Mogere Dominic M: Knowledge and Contraceptive Use Among Currently Married    Women Aged 15-49 in Western Kenya. ISPOR 5th  Annual International Meeting,  6-8Th September 2015; Santiago Chile , Latin America,

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  2. Six senior faculty members ( Dr. Kariuki, Dr. Gitau, Dr.Mogere,Dr.Juma, Prof. Mbaruk and Dr.Ndonga) have been invited to attend
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