Master of Public Health

Vision of the programme

To be a global centre of excellence in education, research and innovation in public health

Mission of the programme

To provide world class teaching, research and innovation in public health for individual transformation and sustainable global development

Philosophy of the programme

To harness and impart knowledge and skills in public health for the service of humanity.

Rationale and Justification of the programme

Global public health issues: This curriculum responds to global and national public health issues. World Health Organization (WHO) has identified four priority areas interlinked, interdependent and mutually supportive. Priority area 1 is investing in health and disease prevention through a life-course approach, empowering people, providing safe and sustainable environment for the attainment of their full health potential. Improving health and health equity begins with pregnancy and early childhood development. Healthy children learn better, healthy adults are more productive, and healthy older people can continue to contribute actively to society. Priority area 2 is tackling major health challenges of non-communicable and communicable diseases with continuous health monitoring. Both types require combining determined public health action and health care system interventions. The effectiveness of these strategies is underpinned by actions on equity, social determinants of health, empowerment of people to take control of their own health, and supportive environments. Priority area 3 is strengthening people-centred health systems, ensuring the availability and accessibility of health services, focusing on health protection and promotion and disease prevention, strengthening public health capacities and emergency preparedness, continuous health monitoring and securing appropriate emergency response. Priority area 4 is creating resilient communities living in supportive environments. Building resilience is a key factor in preventing disease, protecting and promoting health and well-being at both the individual and community levels. People‘s health chances are closely linked to the conditions in which they are born, grow, work and age.