Master of Public Health- Reproductive Health

Philosophy of the Programme

The MPH (RH) is intended to address the global, national and local reproductive health issues of human populations and thereby improve, promote and restore their health and wellbeing.

Rationale of the Programme

Globally, men and women of reproductive age suffer from preventable reproductive diseases. The proposed MPH (RH) is intended to address the divergent reproductive health issues for all health practitioners and health-related personnel working in health organizations. Specifically, the need for capacity building on maternal and child health, HIV &AIDS, sexual & Reproductive diseases, Family Planning, contraception, Behavior Change and Communication, laws, rights & regulations on RH are among the issues to be addressed by this curriculum. PH (RH) degree programme aims at producing Public Health (Reproductive Health) professionals with the capability of addressing  reproductive health issues by responding effectively and efficiently, developing, managing and evaluating  reproductive health programs and proposing viable alternatives.