• Chairman of the School Board of Management
  • Chairman of the School Board of examiners
  • Management of resources in the School
  • Participate in research and teaching activities
  • Represent School in the Board of Postgraduate Studies
  • Coordinate the utilization of the teaching and non-teaching resources in the School
  • Chairing Thesis Examination Board in the School
  • Represent welfare of the School
  • Prepare the School budgets and draft estimates
  • Attending Deans Committees, Senate and Management meetings at university level as per the MKU statutes


  • Chair the departmental board of examiners
  • Management of the resources in their respective departments
  • Responsible in planning and implementing the teaching schedules in the departments
  • Coordination of courses delivery in the department
  • Organize departmental research seminars
  • Attend Senate meetings
  • Prepare departmental budgets
  • Chair departmental meetings
Teacher and Student Feedback

The Schools of Public Health will sample, analyze and use the opinions of staff and students about its educational programme through confidential feedback form that is filled by students on each unit taught and confidential suggestion box.

The Schools of Public Health will encourage individual staff and students through the lecturers on the other hand monitor the students through attendance sheets and continuous assessment and end of semester examinations. After objective appraisal, incentives are given based on individual performance.