Nutrition and Dietetics Careers

Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition /Dietetics Private Practioner

Ministry of health as:

  • Clinical Nutritionist;
  • Clinical Dietician;
  • Public Health Nutritionist;
  • Community Nutritionists;

Food Service Diet Therapist

NGOs such as world vision, UNICEF etc

County nutritionists

Food manufacturing industries

Teaching eg in TVET institutions and universities

Nutrition scientists for research institutions


Food science and processing technology

  • All food manufacturing/processing companies like
  • Fruit and vegetables processing companies e.g. Kenya fruit processors;
  • Edible oil and fat processing- Bidco, Kapa;
  • Baking industries;
  • Cereal storage and flour manufacturing companies;
  • Meat and meat products processing companies;
  • Dairy industries;
  • Ministry of agriculture and ministry of industrialization;
  • County office dealing with value addition;
  • Food research institutions like Karlo and technical training colleges and universities;
  • Certification bodies like KeBS,
  • Food packaging manufacturing companies;
  • Self employment on value addition