Title of the Programme

The programme title shall be Bachelor of Science in Community Health and Development

 Philosophy of the programme

To impart knowledge and skills in Community Health.

Rationale of the programme

Needs assessment / market survey / situation analysis

Worldwide, many people continue to suffer from preventable communicable and non-communicable diseases. The need for capacity building in the field of Health promotion and development has been compounded by the emerging and re-emerging health challenges/issues such as road traffic injuries, occupational health hazards, biotechnology and genetic engineering, inequities and inequalities degree programme aims at producing Community Health professionals capable of addressing health issues by responding effectively, developing, managing and evaluating health programs and proposing viable alternatives at the community levels.

Justification for the need of the proposed programme

The need for prevention, reduction of transmission of both communicable and non communicable diseases in the human population calls for improving physical, biological, cultural and social environmental conditions.

The labour market demand for public health practitioners over the years has not been matched with training opportunities in the country and the region at large, hence the inability to respond to emerging health challenges.

The continued increase in health issues emanating from the rapid urbanization and industrialization due to modern technological advancement and emerging and re-emerging diseases make capacity building in the field of public health a necessity. The programme intends to produce skilled Community health professionals who will be capable of integrating theory and practice in assessing, analyzing and managing, developing, and evaluating Public Health Policies affecting the health of the individual and the community and be able to suggest effective and appropriate public health interventions. The Bachelor of- Science in Community Health- graduates will be equipped with necessary knowledge, skills and attitude through lectures, tutorials, group discussion, seminars, to become objective, accomplished, critical mass in public health research and programs.

Goal of the programme

To be a leading programme in Africa in the development and training of advance Health Promotion and Development professionals.

School vision

The Vision of School of Public Health is to become a regional and international centre for excellence in the training, research, practice and consultancy in Public Health.  The School envisions being able work globally and locally with people, communities and institutions that share and advance the values of progress in the growth of human potential and achievement.  The vision of Department of Community Health is to be the centre of excellence in training and research in all matters pertaining to community health so that communities can enjoy affordable and equitable health.

School Mission

The school of public health mission is to impart knowledge and develop skills necessary to effectively and efficiently partner with communities to address their health concerns.  Community health is defined as the state of complete physical, social and economic health pertaining to a certain community but not merely lack of diseases or conditions.

Expected learning Outcomes of the proposed programme

Upon completion of the prescribed course of study for B. S.C. in Community Health and Development the graduates will have acquired knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to: –

  1. ii) Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles of Health Promotion and Development

iii) Demonstrate the application of methodologies needed for the identification and control of those factors that can adversely affect the health of present and future generations.

  1. iv) Undertake the profession and practice of Community Health and Development.
  2. v) Demonstrate marketable competence in the core disciplines of their profession.
  3. vi) Exhibit the requisite knowledge and skills necessary to develop processes, tools and resolution methodologies associated with the discipline of Community health