Title of the Programme

The programme title shall be Master of Science Health Systems Management (MSc.HSM)

Philosophy of the Programme

The MSc. in HSM programme is intended to address the national health systems needs in using strategic management and leadership skills for effective health services delivery.

Rationale of the Programme

Needs Assessment / Market Survey / Situation Analysis

With emergence and re-emergence of diseases and the need to achieve the sustainable development goals, the training of health systems managers requires a paradigm shift in order to prepare the graduate to manage the health sector challenges. The training of healthcare managers requires instilling key competencies to manage healthcare resources in public as well as in private institutions. The Kenyan long-term and intermediate strategic health sector plans recognize the need for competent, motivated health workforce, for strong support systems that will ensure effective health service delivery. Therefore, health systems thinking needs to be embedded in all health professionals training programme.

The lack of adequately trained health systems managers has hampered the efficient running of the health service delivery in most developing countries. As a result, medical officers who are clinically competent have been forced to assume planning and managerial roles in healthcare delivery without adequate training and preparation. These health care systems are in need of qualified health care system managers who will manage healthcare scarce resources efficiently and effectively to achieve the desired health systems goals.

Justification for the need of the proposed programme

This programme has been designed to prepare graduates with health systems management knowledge and skills that will qualify them to strategically work as health care managers. The Health Systems Management program aims to develop and build the capacity of the health care human resources with capability of responding to and implementing the requirements of Vision 2030. The programme endeavours to inculcate within the students a creative and analytical thinking process during their training in regard to the best approaches in solving health system challenges. Ultimately, this is expected to build up to reflective thinking abilities in the practice of their professional roles for the improvement of healthcare delivery.

Goal of the programme

To be a leading programme in Africa in training and development of advanced health systems managers.

Expected Learning Outcomes

The expected learning outcomes of the MSc.HSM programme shall be to:

Upon completion of the prescribed course of study for Master of Science in Health Systems Management the graduates should be able to:

  1. Explain the underlying operating principles, which drive countries’ health systems.
  2. Apply managerial skills for improving quality in health systems operations.
  3. Analyze key challenges in health systems building blocks and develop innovative solutions to strengthen the health systems.
  4. Demonstrate ability to professionalism in exceptional management of health care systems and efficient utilization of allocated limited resources for health services delivery
  5. Demonstrate ability to effectively monitor and evaluate healthcare services.
  6. Apply research skills for effective address contemporary health systems challenges in Kenya and beyond.